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The Hidden

By B. B. Sawyer


Jade has been alone most of her life. Clues revealed to her in dreams lead her to Willow Creek, where she discovers a connection to an evil, horrific murder that is two decades old. Her appearance resurrects the evil that is responsible. As Jade begins to experience strange visions, the battle between good and evil escalates. Can Jade find the faith she needs to fight these battles?

Mac was born and raised in Willow Creek. A deathbed promise to continue searching for answers to the murder of the same victim haunts him. Mac feels a connection to Jade upon meeting her. As a man of faith, he is aware of spiritual battles that rage around God's children. With Jade's newfound abilities Mac vows to keep her safe from human and spiritual dangers that seek to devour. Can Mac and Jade overcome the evil around them to solve the murder that haunts them both?

Book Takeaway:

All things can be overcome through the love and Holy Spirit of God.

Why the author wrote this book:

I have always written short stories over the years for family and friends with a Christian point-of-view. Through the diagnosis of illnesses, I live a sedentary lifestyle and writing is my form of living adventure again in my life. God is the number one thing in my life, so Christian Biblical fiction was a natural fit.


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