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By Mary Mack


A freak hang-gliding accident plunges Ashling through a rip in the fabric of Time and catapults her into Ireland’s past, where Fomorian Giants are battling Elves of the Tuatha Dé Danaan for lordship over the downtrodden, enslaved Humans.
In her seemingly impossible quest to outsmart these creatures, she gathers together a band of misfits, repels an invasion of Giants, rescues a besieged Elf princess, masters a ferocious dragon, and sparks a Human revolution.
But her arrival has fulfilled an ancient prophecy and triggers events that will destroy her only way home, and Ashling must race against Time and Fate to reach the quantum portal before it closes forever.

Book Takeaway:

There is no draconsfeura without a dragon! All the myths and legends about Earth's early beginnings are the smoke that indicates a fire, and we should never dismiss those stories as inconsequential.


Year Title Description
2015 Table Read My Screenplay Screenwriting Competition Best Fantasy Screenplay

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book to make my award-winning screenplay available to a wider audience. People who read the feature film script had so many questions about the world and characters in 'Ashling' that I decided to adapt the story into a novel.
I chose the title 'Ashling' because the story came to life through a dream I had. 'Aisling' is an Irish word that means 'dream' or 'vision', and it seemed a natural choice for the main character. I used the phonetic spelling to avoid mispronunciation of the word.


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