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Christmas Rescue Route

By LoRee Peery


On her way home for Christmas during a blizzard, college student Izzy hurdles down an embankment. Her worst nightmare is being trapped. Brock comes to her rescue, but after a night in the hospital, the roads are drifted shut and she can’t make it to her family home in the country. Izzy goes home with Brock and spends Christmas Eve with his family. Once the road clears, Brock gets Izzy home on Christmas Day but her car is totaled, and she needs a way back to college. Used to fending for herself, and safe now, Izzy balks at Brock’s offer to drive her. Does God have a plan for an enthusiastic independent goal-setter who avoids the college dating scene, and a nurturing do-gooder man?

Book Takeaway:

We can make plans for our future, but God may have a different and better plan.

Why the author wrote this book:

My oldest granddaughter was in college in Texas at the time, and her parents had moved to Nebraska. I just imagined her coming home and came up with a feel-good Christmas story.


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