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Paisley's Pattern

By LoRee Peery


Paisley and Rob love each other, but neither is willing to correct what needs to be fixed in their relationship, so Paisley relocates out of state. When she discovers a secret that may repair Rob’s view of his past, she reaches out. Rob is still bitter over Paisley’s inability to commit and her habit of running, but he believes she sincerely cares for him, so he investigates her claim to have found his unknown heritage. After the emotional turmoil of meeting a family he knew nothing about, Rob’s love for Paisley convinces him to reconcile their differences. His world is incomplete without Paisley. However, she is reluctant to move forward, and has an opportunity to flee again. Will Rob help convince Paisley the answer is not to move again, but lies with the Lord, or will Rob lose Paisley forever?

Book Takeaway:

God has a plan for every life, a plan for our good. We need to put ourselves out of the way so He can do His work.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was long ago intrigued by the use of similar names, in this case, Paisley Robbins and Rob Paisley. I'm drawn to reunion stories because of an unresolved issue in my family. I also love to write about the way our Lord heals hurting hearts.


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