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Creighton's Hideaway

By LoRee Peery


Needing to finish her thesis in order to keep her job working with youth in a residential treatment center, Shana Arnold sequesters herself on Creighton Rice’s Nebraska ranch. She expects the secluded hideaway to provide a peaceful environment. What she doesn't expect is to become the victim of identity theft and a crazed home invader.
Creighton Rice has been content to live alone with his God--until he meets Shana. He's drawn to her, but must fight the attraction. Getting close makes him face a lifetime's accumulation of scars. Plus, Shana doesn’t share his faith. But when Shana's life is threatened, Creighton must protect her--even if it means letting her in.
Will Shana discover that even when a woman loses everything, she can regain courage and strength through faith in God, and can Creighton allow God to heal scars and open the door to a lifetime with Shana?

Book Takeaway:

As long as we repent, we can be forgiven of anything. A person to love doesn't hurt either.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this story before my first publication. The setting is my favorite place in Nebraska, near Verdigre. It tells of a man with a colored past who is used of God to bring another to Christ. It also instilled in me that my stories should include lifelike characters who face real life issues.


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