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A Blessed Blue Christmas

By LoRee A. Peery


Dahlia Delisi has poured her life into her store, The Blue Dahlia. Once her faith was strong, and her life was on a different course. But when Sloan Letheby left town, Dahlia drifted away from God.
Sloan Letheby has been transformed. His brush with death brought new meaning to his faith in God, and he needs to right old wrongs. However, there's a murder plot in the way of his reunion with Dahlia. Can he find a killer before it's too late? And can Dahlia accept him...and God, back into her life?

Book Takeaway:

Once God has us, He never lets us go.

Why the author wrote this book:

My idea for the heroine, Dahlia Delisi, began with a picture from a magazine of this exotic, mysterious looking woman who immediately brought to mind The Black Dahlia of Hollywood fame. At some point, I must have listened to a song or two with the word blue and that evolved into the title, A Blessed Blue Christmas. Plus, I love reunion stories and how to show God's plans for those who trust Him.


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