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The Marshal's Mission

By Anna Zogg


Hiding his true identity is the only way for US Marshal Jesse Cole to bring bank robbers to justice. But the lovely widow whose Wyoming ranch he stumbles onto reminds him of everything he's sacrificed for the law. When his job is done, he's resolved to leave Lenora Pritchard behind--until she and her son are threatened. Now the only way to protect them is to make her his wife.
To conceal her late husband's guilt, Lenora hid his stolen haul. And with a ruthless gang leader determined to retrieve it, she needs Cole's protection for herself and her son. It's a marriage in name only, founded on dangerous secrets...but could it possibly lead to a true and loving family?

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith!

Why the author wrote this book:

My great-grandfather was an undercover US Marshal--then I discovered he was not related! (He was married to my great-grandmother, but I am not one of his descendants.) However, his story intrigued me. After imagining what his life could have been like, I wrote a spin-off tale.


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