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Rebecca's Song (The Daughters of Riverton, Book 3)

By Dawn Kinzer


Rebecca Hoyt’s one constant was her dedication to her beloved students. Now, a rebellious child could cost her the job she loves. Without her teaching position, what would she do?

Detective Jesse Rand prides himself in protecting the people who ride the railroads. But, when his own sister and brother-in-law are killed by train robbers, the detective blames himself. Yet, another duty calls—he must venture to Riverton where his niece and nephews were left in the care of their beautiful and stubborn teacher, Rebecca Hoyt. They need to mourn and heal, but Jesse is determined to find his sister’s killers. Rebecca is willing to help care for the children, but she also fears getting too close to them—or their handsome uncle—knowing the day will come when he’ll take them back to Chicago.

Will Jesse and Rebecca find a way to open their hearts and work together? Or will they, along with the children, lose out on love?

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes, when we’re in the middle of facing horrific challenges, we may raise our hands to the sky, and sometimes even in anger, question God. Why is he allowing these terrible things to happen to us or to loved ones? Where is he? If he loves us, why isn’t he stepping in and fixing whatever is causing heartache or distress?

Often, it’s in hindsight that we begin to understand why he allowed us to suffer or struggle. Occasionally, we’re left clueless, and that’s frustrating.

But, from what I’ve experienced in my own life … if we can continue to love and trust him, he will give us the strength to fight the battles. In the end, he can create good from bad—new life can spring forth from ashes. Maybe it won’t be what we originally envisioned or wanted—but it might be even better than what we dreamed could be possible.

Why the author wrote this book:

In the first book of the series, Sarah’s Smile, Rebecca takes on the role of nemesis. In the second book, Hope’s Design, she begins a transformation. Although Rebecca’s Song can be read as a stand-alone, I felt it would be interesting and rewarding for fans of the series to see Rebecca’s character grow and see her own dreams come to fruition after so many struggles.

Regardless of whether we’ve faced the same problems Rebecca and Jesse (hero) have in this novel, most of us at one time or another have probably questioned God’s presence—or his love for us—when life has been a bit unkind. I wanted to share a story of encouragement for those who are facing challenging situations in their lives.


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