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The Restorer

By Sharon Hinck


Susan Mitchell needed a change-any kind of change. Nearly twenty years of marriage to her college sweetheart, Mark, had given her two teenagers and two grade-schoolers, along with miles of unmatched socks, sticky computers, and the ever-growing hum of sheer bedlam. When had she become so... insignificant? Hadn't God once had a plan for her?

Well, at least Mark had a plan: for and attic hideaway free of iPods and science projects and cookie crumbs. But before Susan can finish her first journal entry, she finds herself pulled through a portal into a world grappling for its soul and waiting for a promised Restorer. Someone does have a plan for her-one she never would have imagines. While she struggles to adapt to a foreign culture full of unfamiliar technologies and taboos, she faces unexpected battles, mind-poisoning enemies, and a profound spiritual journey. Her adventure will forever change her family, her faith, and how she experiences love-from the One.

Book Takeaway:

Even someone who feels ordinary or inadequate can fill a heroic role through God's strength.


Year Title Description
2008 Christy - Finalist Visionary category finalist
2008 ACFW Book of the Year finalist Speculative fiction category finalist

Why the author wrote this book:

I've always loved imaginative fantasy tales, and wanted to explore placing a middle-American mother in the role of heroine and "key-hole" character for an unusual storyworld. I know so many women who are confronted with challenges they didn't expect (a diagnosis of cancer, a child's learning disability, a parent's Alzheimers, a neighborhood's needs) and rise to fill a heroic role as they are needed. This story is a metaphor for any of those kinds of battles that modern women face.


"Such an amazing series, starting with this first book. This introduction to the world and inhabitants of Lyric will hook you!"
- Stacy on May 14, 2012

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