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The Tide of Times (The Blake Meyer Thriller Series - Book 3)

By C. Kevin Thompson


A Perverse Tale. A Precarious Truth. A Personal Tribulation. Supervisory Special Agent Blake Meyer is at an impasse. Bound and beaten in a dilapidated warehouse halfway around the world, Blake finds himself listening to an unbelievable story. Right and wrong warp into a despicable clash of ideologies. Life quickly becomes neither black nor white. Nor is it red, white, and blue any longer. Every second brings the contagion's release closer, promising to drag the United States into the Dark Ages. Tens of millions could be dead within months. Every moment adds miles and hours to the expanding gulf between him and his family. What is he to believe? Who is he to trust?

Book Takeaway:

To not only focus on the issue of allegiance and what is true peace, but to also show how human trafficking works and how many tentacles it has throughout the world.

Why the author wrote this book:

When it comes to allegiance, who is our allegiance really to?


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