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Love and Harmony

By Sally Bayless


Music teacher Becky Hamlin is seeking harmony–both in the blended voices of her students and in her small hometown of Abundance, Missouri. But after last summer, when her bad judgment left the town vulnerable, things have felt off key. Becky hopes to make amends by holding a benefit concert for the local food pantry. If the event is a success, she might even have a shot at her dream job. And now that her former crush, Seth Williams, has moved to town, she could really have it all–a great concert to benefit the community, a more secure teaching position, and a chance at love.

Seth Williams has his hands full, raising his sixteen-year-old half-brother and starting a new job as an interim high school principal. When he realizes that the gorgeous local choir director is the girl he fell for at church camp years ago, he’s more determined than ever to convince the school board to make his position permanent. But the faith Seth once shared with Becky is no longer common ground.

As the logistics of her concert cause problems with his job, will the discord make a relationship impossible? Or will their renewed love, along with God’s abundant grace, allow them to overcome every obstacle?


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