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Courting Her Amish Heart

By Mary Davis


In this first book of the Prodigal Daughters series, Kathleen Yoder comes home after fourteen years in the Englisher world. Practicing medicine means sacrifice—no Amish man will want a doctor for a wife. Widowed Noah Lambright offers a cottage as her new clinic, seeing how much Kathleen’s skills can help their community. But as their friendship deepens, could love and family become more than a forbidden dream?

Book Takeaway:

Even if tradition says no, follow what God tells you to do.

Why the author wrote this book:

I had an idea for a series of prodigal Amish daughters. So, I thought of things that Amish never do, and developed three Amish women who go against the grain of their Amish upbringing. One thing that Amish never do is go to college and get a higher education. They definitely don't become a doctor. And for an Amish woman to do these things wouldn't be easily accepted. But Kathleen sticks to her convictions and helps her fellow Amish whether they like it or not.


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