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Saint's Roost

By Terry W. Burns


Janie Benedict has led a sheltered life. She’s never had to worry about anything with a father to care for her, servants, then a husband that saw to her every need...until the first two potential converts he tried to minister to immediately sent him on to his final reward. Utterly alone and totally unprepared, Janie is surprised to find a strength in herself she did not know was there.
Turning it over to the Lord, help is provided in the form of a couple of passing cowboys that take it on themselves to watch out for her, never far away. Not only does she learn to take responsibility for her own life, her tendency to adopt animals grows to include taking a young boy under her wing, his grandfather, a young Indian and her son. But even with this she continues to feel unfulfilled because she is not keeping her promise to continue her dead husband’s missionary work.
But faith will find a way and the love of a good man helps fill the void. She finds her way to a little town nicknamed “Saint’s Roost” whose real history is more fascinating than any fictional tale. The adversity that comes in the process teaches her much about herself and she does keep her promise, but in ways she could not imagine.

Book Takeaway:

There can be a huge difference in way we think we want God to use us, and the way He actually is using us.

Why the author wrote this book:

Mother wanted me to write a book with a female protagonist - I was writing at a cabin on the lake outside the town of Clarendon, TX, and the more I found about the history of the little town the more fascinated I was. In this book the setting rivals the quirky characters as the focus of the story.


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