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One Tempting Test

By Biji T Kurien


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In an impeccably indescribable and inexplicable place called heaven, Lucifer throws the gauntlet before God. He challenges God to pick someone for one temptation-filled test.

God needs someone like Job for this test.

The world is a mess. God takes a back seat in the lives of many. Violence begets violence. Blood is meeting blood. The yawning gap between the haves and have-nots irks only a few.

The concern for the destitute drives a scientist, Dr. Decxtrose Epitoppe, to develop a highly nutritious drink from cellulose-wastes in the middle of this chaos. As a result, socioeconomic and health disparities drop drastically in developing countries. Unfortunately, Decxtrose’s euphoria also plummets when the assistant pastor of their church unexpectedly discovers that Decxtrose’s mother is a prostitute.

The church revokes Mrs. Epitoppe’s membership, removes the senior pastor for advocating forgiveness, and promotes the assistant pastor to the helm for his bold exposé.

Soon, the fatherless Decxtrose becomes a suspect in the eyes of his family and the church. They find it difficult to ignore the power of genetics.

In this tumbling maelström of a journey, Decxtrose tries to balance work, family, and God.

Book Takeaway:

God works in mysterious ways

Why the author wrote this book:

As part of the Great Commission


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