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Love Inherited

By Cristine Eastin


Love is a disaster for China MacLeish. Her fiancé walks out. She hasn’t heard from her mother in two years. She’s creeping up on middle age. And she’s fuming. Then her life gets weird. A letter arrives informing her she has inherited an estate in the Highlands of Scotland from an unknown uncle. But she must live in the manor for one year before the property—and a lot of money—is hers. Hopping mad about disrupting her career, she leaves Chicago and friends behind to try to survive in seldom-sunny Scotland, only to discover secrets her mother kept from her—family secrets. But when China meets her neighbor Duncan Sinclair, Laird of Fionnloch, she’s torn apart. She doesn't know whether he's a friend, a man with too much emotional baggage, or a Highland dream come true. Could her life and love get any more complicated and confusing?

Book Takeaway:

Deep emotional childhood wounding doesn't have to be the end of one's love story.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote this book because I love Scotland, romance, and blessing people with an encouraging faith-filled story.


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