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Isaiah's Daughter: A Novel of Prophets and Kings

By Mesu Andrews


Isaiah adopts Ishma, giving her a new name--Zibah, delight of the Lord--thereby ensuring her royal pedigree. Ishma came to the prophet's home, devastated after watching her family destroyed and living as a captive. But as the years pass, Zibah's lively spirit wins Prince Hezekiah's favor, a boy determined to rebuild the kingdom his father has nearly destroyed. But loving this man will awake in her all the fears and pain of her past and she must turn to the only One who can give life, calm her fears, and deliver a nation.

Book Takeaway:

If we keep our eyes focused on the here and now, we can quickly become confused by Scripture and overwhelmed by circumstance. If we fix our eyes on the eternal Creator, it's easier to trust in His sovereign plan and eventual deliverance.


Year Title Description
2012 ECPA Debut Novel Love Amid the Ashes
2017 Christy Award Finalist Miriam: A Treasure of the Nile Novel

Why the author wrote this book:

From the moment I learned the meaning of the name, “Hephzibah,” in Isaiah 62:4 and realized she was King Manasseh’s mother, I was intrigued by this character. She was married to the most righteous king of Judah (Hezekiah) and yet mother to the most wicked. I’ve always thought her heart must have been torn, loving a son who destroyed her husband’s legacy. When I began researching her and discovered Jewish legend says she was also the prophet Isaiah’s daughter, I absolutely HAD TO write her story. But it was six years before I could convince a publisher to agree. I’m thrilled to finally tell her story.


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