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Aluthnia: Silvyn's Part

By Sara Nicole


Welcome to Kiwaft, a land fraught with perils and filled with wonders. Explore the unknown in a land divided against itself. Once descended of the same family, the peoples are now scattered across a diverse landscape. In this partial prequel, become immersed in the first epoch of a much bigger story.

From the back cover:
In the fantastical land of Kiwaft, a world with sylphs and sprites, extraordinary powers and gifts, and lurking adventures, Silvyn is a young merman of Coralae who loves his life. For a bit of fun, a few of his Coralaen friends kidnap a land-dweller woman named Graiceyl, and she turns Silvyn's life upside down.

Attraction to the unknown sparks within Silvyn, and danger soon threatens, for land-dwellers and ocean-dwellers are on the brink of war. As the forbidden relationship between him and Graiceyl grows, it could be the catalyst that unites their peoples or rips them apart.

Book Takeaway:

God is real, and His love is real. Never underestimate Him.

Why the author wrote this book:

This short story is part of the prequel to a series I've been working on for years. There are many lessons about God and life in the series, and I love the characters, plus writing fantasy is stimulating and fun!


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