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Bleak Landing

By Terrie Todd


In the dead-end Canadian town of Bleak Landing, Irish immigrant Bridget O’Sullivan lives in a shanty and dreams of another life as the Great Depression rages. Routinely beaten by her father and bullied by schoolmate Victor Harrison, the fiery redhead vows to run away and never return. Desiring to become anyone other than Bridget O’Sullivan, she never dreams the day will come when she must prove that’s exactly who she is—or that the one person who can vouch for her is her old nemesis, Victor. Can he also prove he’s a changed man worthy of her forgiveness and love?

Book Takeaway:

God faithfully provides people to help us along our life's journey, even when we don't acknowledge him.

Why the author wrote this book:

A fascination with the time period of the Great Depression and WWII era in Canada, and the hard life of many immigrants during that time and how they coped can be an encouragement to today's readers.


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