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Colorado's Choice

By Kathy Parish


Author Kathy Parish welcomes you back to the town of Four Corners in the latest in her series of Christian romances. Nurse Charlotte Carter loves her town but begins to suspect that there is something lurking in the heart of Four Corners that has the potential to poison the entire community. As her investigation leads her deeper into a web of drugs, lies, and corruption, Charlotte must also cope with her evolving feelings for the handsome Colorado Stevens. Colorado seemed head-over-heels in love with Charlotte, but lately he has begun pulling away. When he starts spending more time with Sarah, a pregnant and anxious newcomer, Charlotte must decide whether to let him go or fight for their future. Charlotte isn't the only one with a choice to make. Colorado is hiding a big secret, and he will have to decide whether to share his heart or pull away altogether.

Book Takeaway:

The Christian journey is one of hills and valleys, and it is only through maintaining a close relationship with God that we can persevere and thrive.

Why the author wrote this book:

This second novel in the Four Corners series deals with more serious issues in an effort to shed light on contemporary tragedies of drug trafficking and abuse, suicide, and domestic abuse, and how these affect the Christian walk of faith.


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