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Freely Given

By Kathy Parish


A woman's faith leads her down a path she never expected in Kathy Parish's heartwarming debut romance, Freely Given. Katie Moore is an overnight millionaire after a gifted lottery ticket turns up a winner. After donating one million dollars to her local church, Katie is taken aback by the frenzy that ensues--a frenzy led by the church's pastor, Chad Carter, who must struggle with his own inner demons before he can help his congregation. As Katie attempts to convince Chad of the legitimacy of her money, the two begin to realize that something is brewing between them...something that will lead them both to reevaluate their views on life, faith, and love.

Book Takeaway:

A picture of small-town, southern evangelical church life with elements of romance and humor.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book began a journey which has been a lifelong dream, to write entertaining and inspirational fiction with elements of romance, humor, and contemporary issues. Readers are invited to share the challenges of Christlike living as experienced by believable characters.


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