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Heart Beat

By Lynne Waite Chapman


The second book of the Evelynton Murder series finds Lauren Halloren in her second year after her homecoming to Evelynton, Indiana.
Lauren’s return to her hometown began with turmoil. Now the freelance writer is ready to settle down to enjoy the peace and quiet of small town living. All she wants is to write and work her part-time receptionist job at The Rare Curl.
Peace proves not to be in her future when she arrives at work to find the salon in chaos. She stumbles into one problem after another when attempting to solve petty theft. While her boss gives up and is ready to move on without a solution, Lauren’s curiosity won’t let her rest.
The stakes are raised when she and her friend, Clair, discover a corpse in the park. Mysteries compound as Lauren follows the trail of crime from the hair salon. Is it tied to the local nursing home? Is her petite neighbor a cold-blooded killer?
Heart Beat proves to be another fun filled, gripping cozy mystery to keep you guessing until the last page.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is a clean cozy mystery. It's meant to be enjoyed without fear of running into issues that go against your belief system. It's meant to engage the mind in following the mystery and to be a fun read.


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