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The Rector -- A Christian Murder Mystery

By Michael Hicks Thompson


Combine a suspenseful murder mystery with theology (the study and explanation of religious faith, practice, and experience) and you have The Rector. Martha McRae is a widow living in a small Mississippi Delta town in the 1950s. She's obsessed with the sudden death of her Episcopal church's young rector. A murderer could go free if she doesn't investigate. But Martha is torn. If she pursues the suspect, her Bible study friend's awful secret could be revealed. It would be devastating, and life-changing. When the new rector arrives, she encounters a new puzzle to solve -- one that takes her into Parchman Penitentiary where she comes face to face with evil.

Book Takeaway:

Sometimes the truth is difficult to uncover.


Year Title Description
2017 The Selah Award, from the Blue Ridge Mtn Christian Writer's Conference Best Mystery Suspense novel
2017 Winner, from the National Inde Excellence Awards Best Religion Fiction
2016 Finalist, from Mystery & Mayhem Religion Fiction

Why the author wrote this book:

To fill a void in the Christian mystery/suspense marketplace of readers.


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