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Blow Out the Candles and Say Goodbye

By Linda S Glaz


As five-year old girls disappear from birthday parties year after year across the U.S., the sister of victim number one is thrown into the kidnappers’ path when she moves to the remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan ten years after her sister is kidnapped. There, she finds it’s not only candles that light up the trusting, rural community. (includes a serious psychological profile of a mentally unstable character)

Book Takeaway:

Never give up on your plans. No matter how difficult it seems to reach your goals, don't ever give up.

Why the author wrote this book:

25 years ago, I dropped my daughter off at a birthday sleepover, and my over-active imagination kicked in. What would happen if the house was empty when I returned to get her the next morning? And so Blow Out was born! I love to write psychologically challenged characters, and in this novel, my antag is definitely creepy. Gotta love those demented characters.


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