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Rebecca's Redemption

By Lee Carver


Rebecca Singer once was the kind of nurse who partied all weekend and closed the bar with the last karaoke tune. Then she met the Lord and vowed to make up to Him for those wasted years by serving in the worst place in the world. She determined to earn her redemption in the Brazilian Amazon jungle.

Dr. Ed Pierce, a widower with two young daughters, operates a Christian hospital in the Brazilian Amazon. A lifelong believer, he struggles with the tragedy of losing his wife—his love, the mother of his children. When the mission board agrees to hire a nurse, he requests an American who can split her time between the hospital and home schooling his children.

Book Takeaway:

This book deviates from the other Brazilian missionary novels I've written, in that no criminal action occurs in the plot, and the hero isn't the missionary pilot.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wrote the book to illustrate the lives of medical missionaries, their motives and their challenges. Specifically, the heroine is a relatively new Christian, still coming to terms with her guilt for past sins.


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