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Chief of Sinners

By Caryl McAdoo


Set in the afterglow of the Azusa Street Revival, this epic addition to the Texas Romance family saga sweeps through three decades of triumphs and tragedies—from the Texas Hill Country to the beaches of Normandy and beyond.
The faithful flock to his father’s revival tent where Buddy Nightingale leads praise and worship, but like King David, the young psalmist battles a generational curse, lust. On his first night back in Marble Falls, Texas—the place he heard the angels sing fifteen years prior—he beholds Sandra Harris, a beauty attending strictly for the entertainment of the Spirit-filled meeting. Love strikes both, but her Church of Christ father wants no part of any holy roller—not for his daughter.
Sometimes choices we make take us places we never intend to go, but God . . .

Book Takeaway:

Obedience is better than sacrifice and trumps true love.

Why the author wrote this book:

It was written 25 years ago to a secular market in order to bring God's Love and messages to them. But it was too religious for secular houses and too secular for Christian publishers. I cleaned it up quite a bit to be book ten in the Texas Romance Family Saga. When book one started, I used a few of the last names in Cheif then wrote about the families up to CHIEF OF SINNERS.


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