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Tinsel in a Tangle

By Laurie Germaine


In the arctic town of Flitterndorf, generations of elves have worked alongside generations of Kringles to make gifts for believing children worldwide. But never have they endured a tall, blundering elf like Tinsel. Despite her setbacks, Tinsel’s determined to prove her worth by nabbing an internship at the Workshop. When her latest mishap destroys gift reserves and puts Christmas in jeopardy, however, she lands a punishment mucking reindeer stalls for Santa’s hotshot grandson, Niklas. If she wants a second chance at that internship, she must collaborate with the twinkle-eyed flirt to redeem herself in everyone’s eyes–and do it without messing up. For one more calamity will not only bring about the holiday’s demise, she’ll be immortalized as the elf who shattered children’s faith in Santa Claus.

SO not the way she wants to go down in history.

Book Takeaway:

You may be different from others, but that does not make you any less important or of lesser worth. It's when you embrace your unique gifts that you shine.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to read a novel-length book that centered around Santa and his elves. When I couldn't find one, I decided to write one, combining my love for Christmas with my love for the German language.


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