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By Ronie Kendig


Soldiers all across the globe are returning home to their families after brutal tours of duty. They are discharged from the service. . .and on their own. Meet Max Jacobs, one of these discarded heroes, as he faces a wall of failure—in his career, his friendships, and his marriage. Failing again—this time to end his life—he is offered a thread of hope. Are covert government operations the answer for him, or will they only bring more danger and dissension upon his broken family?

VALOR, ACTION, ROMANCE, HEART... Nightshade is the perfect blend of everything I like best in a story. I can’t recommend it enough! ~John B. Olson Author of Powers

Nightshade kept me up all night! A tight plot, heartthrob heroes, and description so rich I could hear the jungle noise, feel the heat slide down my back. I’ll be clearing out a shelf to make room for Ronie’s books! ~Susan May Warren Author of Nothing But Trouble


Year Title Description
2010 2011 The Christian Manifesto's Lime Award Excellence in Christian Fiction Award
2011 Christian Retailing's Reader's Choice Award Finalist Finalist
2011 RWA Faith, Hope, & Love's IRCA Contest Inspirational Reader's Choice Awards Finalist - Romantic Suspense
2011 FamilyFiction's Reader's Choice Awards Named #3 favorite author and Nightshade named in Top Ten Books of the Year

Why the author wrote this book:

After encountering a family torn apart when the Navy SEAL husband could not control his anger and quick temper, a deep conviction grew in me to never portray our heroes without revealing at least some of the psychological/emotional/relational impact their sacrifices cost them in their lives "back home."


"One of the best books that I have read in very long time. Read it in two days. Not only is it a page turner, but it is also fast paced, full of intrigue, non-stop action & unpredictability."
- Kara on June 25, 2010

"Ronie's latest novel doesn't hold back anything! With a fast pace, unexpected suspense, emotional depth of characters, and a plot that will make you hold your breath, Nightshade is THE book for summer"
- Robin on May 11, 2010

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