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Their Greek Key

By Pamela Harstad


Abandonment. Trust. Intrigue. A complicated past and present span from Chicago to Greece.
Connie Pappas has a lifetime opportunity to leave Chicago and design fashions in New York when the love of her life returns, and spins her world around.
For Nick Kanelleas, all that remain are two pendants from his deceased father and uncle, who were abandoned. He follows their mystery, but he also wants business success. He reconnects with Connie when he renovates her father’s restaurant, but past issues and new conflicts arise.
Connie questions Nick’s business transactions. His job leads to problems at the restaurant, and his own future.
Will Connie move to New York and leave Nick when trust affects their relationship? Will Nick pursue Connie if she can’t trust in him? From Chicago to the Aegean, will their faith be strong enough to overcome their difficulties?

Book Takeaway:

Leave fears by facing them, and walk with faith.

Why the author wrote this book:

This book is close to my heart. With growing up connections with a grandfather from Greece, and two trips there, I've hoped to bring these elements alive with the characters and conflicts of the story spanning back to WWII and from Chicago to Greece.


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