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Love Everlasting: Six historical romantic retellings of classic fairy tales

By by Joi Copeland, Sadie Cuffe, Sophie Cuffe, Darlene Franklin, Lisa J. Flickinger, Teresa Ives Lilly, Amber Stockton


Tragedy can bring them together or tear them apart…..

Charity Watson lost her mother at an early age. Growing up in Boston with only her father, servants, and maid, Eliza, she learned how to take care of a house, cook, and clean. When tragedy strikes and she is left an orphan, she must flee the only home she’d ever known in order to save her own life and live with Eliza’s six sisters in Hope, Montana. Will she flee danger and be free to live life as she once knew or will danger catch up to her?

Rhett Lincoln loved Montana and everything his father left him on the biggest ranch in Hope, Montana. Upon returning home, he finds the one person he loves the most on the brink of death. His life turns upside down until he realizes his need for a wife. Will he find love in Hope, Montana?

Hansel and Gretel Sweetser live a happy life, except for that unfortunate time of incarceration and near-ingestion in the witch’s gingerbread house. But that was twenty years ago, and no one believes them anyway.

If you’ve ever wondered what happened to that little boy and girl after the gingerbread house encounter, here’s what you’ve been missing. Birds and Bread Crumbs is the “rest of the story”—a grown-up Midwestern American fairy tale with just enough magic to make you believe in once-upon-a-time and happily-ever-after again.

At last, the much anticipated 50th book by Darlene Franklin!

Noble Prescott is drawn to the scene of a shipwreck by a sweet song sung in a language he didn’t understand. The songstress is barely alive, holding onto a piece of the ship’s railing. Her dress wraps around her legs like a mermaid’s tail.

Thus begins this imaginative retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s classic fairy tale.

How will Justine and Noble overcome the evil woman’s schemes to find their own love everlasting?

Ella Goodwin, abandoned by her father and abused by her stepsister, seeks to make sense of her new life as a prisoner in her own home. Squirreled away in the attic, she sews a magnificent gown. All hopes of attending the masked ball are dashed when she’s discovered and her gown is stolen.

Chaos and confusion ensue as Thomas attempts to extricate himself from the clutches of an obnoxious woman. Will he unravel the mystery and learn the true identity of the beautiful woman who has captured his heart? Join author Lisa Flickinger as she takes you on a fairytale journey though time when life was simpler … or was it?

When scar faced, Griffin catches an old miner stealing from his store, he insists the man work off the debt. However, when the man gets too sick to work, Griffin sends for Izzy, whom Griffin thinks is the old man’s wife. When the girl turns out to be the man’s beautiful and kind daughter, Griffin finds himself torn between continuing to wear the façade of a beast, or lowering his defenses and allowing Izzy’s beauty to soften his soul. Can this beauty and this beast find love?

Elenora Caldwell and Trevor Davenport had been thrown together since they were children. As the years passed, a deep friendship developed. Heirs to their respective family fortunes, they attempt to find where they fit into life’s grand puzzle. When Elenora’s father dismisses a man from his employ, the man threatens to seek revenge. Charmed and fascinated by a new magician who studied under the Great Houdini, Elenora sneaks out to attend a performance, but ends up a pawn in a vile scheme by the magician to take control of Caldwell Enterprises. In order to save Elenora, Trevor must first defeat Cravatta. How can he match wits with a master illusionist? And could his reunion with Elenora be the key to a brand new life?


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