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Bayou Paradox

By Robin Caroll


It can cure you. Or it can kill you.
The untamed Louisiana bayou is not for the faint of heart. But until now, Tara LeBlanc has always considered it a sanctuary, its lush foliage a source of medicinal healing. What evil has infi ltrated her haven? Two elderly women she loves lie near death, and Tara knows their illnesses are no accident.

Only one man can save Tara from the same fate: Sheriff Rene "Bubba" Theriot. The strong-willed lawman throws his all into protecting her, laying his heart on the line as well as his life. Now they both stand to lose it all as a killer gets ready to pounceā€¦.

Book Takeaway:

God loves and accepts all who come through him through the Son


Year Title Description
2009 Book of the Year Finalist, short contemporary romantic suspense category
2009 Cover Cafe Award Winner

Why the author wrote this book:

To show how God can move in the hearts of even the most resistant--such as a voodoo priestess


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