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Triple Time (The Blake Meyer Thriller Series - Book 2)

By C. Kevin Thompson


A Looming Attack. A Loathsome Abduction. A Lethal Assassin.

Supervisory Special Agent Blake Meyer has an impossible choice to make. After thwarting a massive biological attack on the continental United States, the contagion is still missing and in the hands of the enemy.

So is his family. Abducted as an act of revenge.

The clock is ticking, and the chances of finding his wife and children wane with every passing second. The assassin behind it holds all the answers.Or does she?

Three demands. Three choices.

Blake Meyer knows what must be done…but can he accomplish it before it’s too late? Time is literally of the essence. And double time will not be fast enough.

Book Takeaway:

For readers to put God ahead of everything else, including king and country.

Why the author wrote this book:

When the reader finishes this book (and the series when it is completed), I want the reader to grapple with two concepts: 1) the concept of true peace; and 2) how everyone "has a story," meaning you can't judge a person by "their cover." Instead, you have to see them as God does. In addition, I wanted to expose a few dark issues like human trafficking and economic espionage.


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