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Murder in Maggie Valley (A KEPS Cozy Mystery)

By Kasandra Elaine


Two sisters-in-law, a mountain cabin in North Carolina, burglaries, and the murder of one of the residents in the cabin community—can Edna and Klara Pidgeon work out their pastry recipe and return home to Texas without being arrested for murder or becoming murder victims themselves? When Klara meets handsome Gerald Thomas, thoughts of returning to her dull, daily life become replaced by dreams of the future with the handsome Cary Grant look-alike. Edgar Farley arrives from Texas to the surprise of Edna and continues his low-key wooing, much to Edna’s chagrin. Edna and Klara become embroiled in solving the murder and break-ins but figuring out why a young boy, David, seems to be running around the area of the cabins without his parents’ supervision. Will Edna and Klara ever be able to perfect their KEPS recipe and return to a normal life? 

Why the author wrote this book:

My best friend and I took a trip to Maggie Valley and spent a week in a cabin similar to the one Edna and Klara stay in during their trip. While we were there we started the 'what if' game and created Edna and Klara and KEPS.


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