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Persistent Evil: The Demon Slayer (Praying Mantis Series) (Volume 2)

By Diogenes A. Ruiz


Fr. Oliver’s good looks get him into trouble at times, but never like this. After a mysterious visitor comes to his office, Oliver’s life, and what he thought it meant to be a priest, changes forever. Revelations by the stranger place Oliver and everyone he knows in grave danger, but the priest cannot divulge the evil to which he has been exposed, or their deaths will be a certainty.

Fr. Oliver wants to serve God, but he keeps getting kicked out of churches where he is assigned to serve. If he speaks of what he sees, people will die. He can't tell the pastor or the bishop, but things are about to get worse.Fr. Oliver steps into a world of evil, unlike anything he has ever seen. What he discovers, threatens the very existence of the Catholic church and the souls of thousands of unborn children.

Book Takeaway:

God's ability to forgive is beyond our comprehension.

Why the author wrote this book:

To compare our human ability to forgive with God's boundless ability to forgive.


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