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Bayou Judgment

By Robin Caroll


"Christian Crisis Hotline. How may I help you?" For once, it was phone counselor Felicia Trahan who desperately needed to dial in. She'd come home to her apartment to find Jolie, her roommate and coworker, dead. And few clues to the killer's identity: There was a shady boyfriend. A rival at the crisis center. And disturbing phone calls from a distraught young woman who was becoming increasingly unhinged. So much so that the center's tough-guy pastor feared for Felicia's safety. Spencer Bertrand promised to protect her, even if he lost his heart in the process. Yet drawing out a killer hiding in the Louisiana bayou could be the only way to save them all.

Book Takeaway:

No matter our past mistakes, God can and does forgive


Year Title Description
2009 Bookseller's Best Award Finalist

Why the author wrote this book:

To show that we are ALL sinners, yet forgiven because of the grace of God


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