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Water: A Ted Kline Novel

By Tim White


Who bombed the sheriff's office in Sanderson, TX, killing the Sheriff and all but one of his deputies. How did Ted Kline, whose name has only been identified with failure, become the sheriff. And how will chasing the killers force him to confront the failures of his past? After an unexpected tragedy, Ted Kline is thrown into a position that few believe him to be qualified. With the help of life-battered FBI agent, Kathleen McRae, and other law enforcement departments sent by the governor, Kline must wage war on enemies on the outside and the inside. A thrill-packed adventure with a high standard of morality, the first in the Ted Kline series is sure to get you hooked. White’s second novel is an action-packed thriller that takes you into the darkness of the emotions of broken people and displays the redemption of God.

Book Takeaway:

God has a purpose for every life which is only found in a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

Why the author wrote this book:

A means to get the gospel into the hands of those who have not made a decision for Christ and like adventures and thrillers.


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