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An Untimely Birth

By Alison M Tomlinson


“God might forgive you, but I won’t. Get out!”
With these furious words, nineteen-year-old Beckie throws her cheating HIV-positive boyfriend out of her hospital room. Heavily pregnant, the last thing that Beckie wants to hear is that Julian has cheated on her with a prostitute, contracted HIV, and likely passed the virus on to her and her unborn child, Daisy. On top of this, he insists that he’s been forgiven by God for his misdeeds—the God Beckie’s parents cling to, and who she has stubbornly rejected.
As Beckie is placed under anaesthesia for her C-section, she suddenly finds herself transported through time and space back to Classical Greece, finding her boyfriend’s family to be members of the early church. Before long, Beckie finds herself back in her hospital room—in the year 2067.
As Beckie travels through the past and the future, she must finally face questions of faith. Will she reject Christ once and for all, or will she allow Him to be the healer of her body and soul? Throughout this novel of adventure, time travel and faith, readers will be glued to every page as they follow Beckie on an amazing journey to redemption.

Book Takeaway:

Satan is the god of this world and we should not be ignorant of his devices. (2 Corinthians 2:11)

Why the author wrote this book:

To wake Christians up to the spiritual battle raging over our health.


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