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Root Beer & Roadblocks

By Susan M. Baganz


When God strips away all your hopes and dreams can you trust Him to give you something better?

Johnny Marshall’s cancer is back . . . and so is the girl who broke his heart seven years ago. As Johnny struggles to find the will to live and fights his second round with the disease, he finds hope comes in small packages with an energetic little boy named David.

Having bought in to her parents' narrow view of finding a man worthy of her, years ago, Katie abandoned the one man she'd ever loved. In all the years since, no one has ever compared to Johnny. Now as a single mom of a young boy, she wonders if their reunion right on time or is it too late for a future together?

Discover healing, forgiveness and second chances in Root Beer & Roadblocks, book four in the Orchard Hill series.

Book Takeaway:

We can't always see how God can use our painful circumstances to bless others.

Why the author wrote this book:

I was inspired by Johnny Philippidis' (Burlap to Cashmere) inspirational story of his recovery from a horrific accident. Johnny was a key character in Fet Freeways so he needed his own happily-ever-after.


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