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When the Tide Turns

By Kay Chandler


On a dark September day in 1930, Dabney Foxworthy selflessly gave up a life of her own to become nursemaid to baby Alexandra, Pastor Pruitt s orphaned granddaughter. Now, ten years later, the tide turns and she s thrown into a unique situation she never dreamed possible. Wooed by two passionate men vying to win her hand in marriage, her choice is a difficult one to make. Will she listen to her head or to her heart?

Book Takeaway:

Our plans aren't always God's plans, but His plans are always best.


Year Title Description
2013 Semi-finals ACFW Genesis
2012 Semi-finals ACFW Genesis
2011 2nd Place in Novels Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference
2010 First Place Novels BRMCWC
2010 Best Overall Writer (Grand Prize) BRMCWC
2007 First Place for Short Stories BRMCWC

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the third book in the series, and I wrote it because the readers who were acquainted with Dabney from Book I were asking for her story.


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