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Escape: Intense Book 1

By Glenn Haggerty


Tyler Higgins gets into more trouble than a 13 year old boy has a right to do.He'd just wanted to hang with the cool kids. And so he'd listened to Dustin, and now where was he?Spying on parked cars in Lover's Lane is way too dangerous. Especially when you see some creeps pulling out a dead body from the trunk, right before they spot you behind the trees.If only he'd been smart enough to stick up for his friend Nathan instead of going with Dustin...*Escape is the exciting prequel novelette to Glenn Haggerty’s new novel, Run*FREE OFFERVisit Glenn's website at for a free copy of this exciting prequel, Escape! (to be posted soon)

Book Takeaway:

I want kids to finish my stories saying, “Awesome book!” And “Yes. I can do this life thing too."

Why the author wrote this book:

I write inspirational youth fiction with an edge to entertain and give kids hope that they too can navigate through this difficult time in life.


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