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Potluck: A Sleepy Haven Mystery

By Catherine Stuart


Potluck: A Sleepy Haven Mystery opens the door and invites the reader to enter the homes of thirteen women as they discover how the seven deadly sins stealthily make their way into lives that seem so sedate, so normal, so serene. Annie, one of the thirteen, pulls Renee, her niece, away from her big-city life to help her in a race to seek the truth, protect the innocent, and save the church from crumbling. This novel unwinds a skein of twists, turns, truths, and lies in the course of a colorful and humorous adventure tinged with touches of danger. Author-Catherine Stuart-draws upon her background as a professional counselor to breathe life into her characters as they negotiate their ways around the obstacles upsetting their routines. Potluck: A Sleepy Haven Mystery depicts thirteen women-pillars of their church-as the seven deadly sins touch their lives and they begin to uncover the truth about which might prove deadliest.

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to highlight the sins that all people, including Christians struggle with, sins that infiltrate the heart. I wanted to also create a story that would be entertaining as well as thought provoking.


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