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The Phantom of the Fortress (The Thunder and Lightning Series) (Volume 3)

By Aaron M. Zook Jr.


A psychologically disturbed Austrian, who believes he is the reincarnation of Mozart, will hold all of Salzburg, Austria under his spell unless Gabe, Alex, Thunder, and Lightning can unravel the clues, solve the mystery, and capture the master of deception. Along the way, ticks and traps become more complex as townspeople pay the price for each error made by the boys. Thunder and Lightning, along with a team of the boy's friends, work to save the town, but a surprise twist puts the fate of Salzburg on the shoulders of Gabe. Will he crumple under the weight? Will he overcome the madman's manace?

Book Takeaway:

Be careful in who you choose and trust as friends. Those outside the Christian faith will not have the same Christian background, principles, and worldview, resulting in actions that show the shallowness of their thoughts. Be on the alert, for the devil is on the prowl...

Why the author wrote this book:

The primary aim for writing this book create a clean, YA Christian mystery/adventure series that boys would read, depicting two boys raised in a Christian home and growing up in a tainted world. The heroes age six months in each book and learn about being a Christian in the real world between ages twelve and twenty while thrown into one crisis after another. The young men battle the evils of the world, growing in their faith and character. Their two side-kick dogs add a terrific sense of teamwork and camaraderie during their adventures.


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