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Weighty Matters (An Until The Fat Ladies Sing Mystery Book 6)

By Linda Kozar


When a traveling circus comes to the town of Wachita, Texas bad things begin to happen under the Big Top. Super-sized sleuths, Sue Jan and Lovita take to the tents to track down a crazy clown killer, even though Lovita is fixing to give birth in just a few short weeks. And if that’s not enough, a scary Sasquatch is sighted in the Wachita woods, attracting a TV news reporter, a Bigfoot investigative team and a reality show film crew. The townsfolk are shaking in their cowboy boots but Sue Jan and Lovita aren’t clowning around.

Book Takeaway:

People shouldn't be judged by their outward appearance, whether they're overweight or short or tall or their skin is a different color or challenged by physical handicaps. God loves us all and we should love one another.

Why the author wrote this book:

This is the sixth book in my series and my characters have more adventures to share.


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