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To Fear The Dawn

By Sean Young


In a world of religious freedom, the light was easy to ignore... but the coming darkness will be far less forgiving

When Nicholas Gallagher, spots an opportunity he grabs it with both hands. The self-made billionaire has just learned information that could save a lucrative business deal — but he didn’t realise his newfound knowledge would change the world as he knew it. It turns out Nicholas has unwittingly crossed a dangerous group of financiers, united in a mystical faith, who have quietly taken over the banks, the media, and even the laws that could protect him.

Before he can take action, his accounts are frozen and he is branded a murderer in the international press. Just when Nicholas thinks all hope is lost, help comes in the form of a priest with a sinister past. Could this canny ally be the only thing that keeps him alive?

In a treacherous adventure that takes him across the globe, the former billionaire has one chance to reveal the truth, to save himself, his family, and all humanity from a holocaust that could shake civilisation to its very core.

Book Takeaway:

God is sovereign and all our best-laid plans do little more than play right into His eternal plan for our lives. Even after doing all we can to run and hide, His will prevails.

Why the author wrote this book:

I'm interested in two aspects of the Christian walk; those unconvinced souls just at the cusp of God's salvation and those who may have been Christians for a long time but who still wrestle with aspects of their past.

These are the core around which I built this story's protagonists as I wanted to explore the dynamic this creates when the pressure is turned on.


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