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The Gingrich Curse

By C. S. Poulsen


Evil hunts for a bride in the Amish countryside of Pennsylvania. It spies Kate, a beautiful, young teen but fails to find her alone. Furious, it manifests a scheme that bridges time and returns a married Kate and Harry Martin along with their four children to the mansion that houses its lust. Will teen sisters, Sara and Rachel and twin toddlers, Wesley and Wyatt, survive their first night with Evil as host? Will Harry and Kate remember their long forgotten Christian heritage in time, or will Evil win all their souls?

“…enthralling plot unlike anything I’ve come across before. It’s refreshing to find a work of fiction in the horror genre with strong Christian messages.” W. Carrington

Book Takeaway:

Accept Christ. Pray!

Why the author wrote this book:

I wanted to combine my upbringing near the Amish countryside with the spooky mansion on my street. Since my best friend was Mennonite, the precursors to the Amish, it only seemed natural.


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