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Road to Forgiveness (Arizona Territory Brides Book 3)

By Carol Cox


Meet the Arizona Territory Brides--

Four strong, independent women--each determined to stand on her own two feet, and not one of them looking for romance. But sometimes love shows up when you least expect it...

Hallie Evans has stolen Jacob Garrett's heart. But before seeking Hallie's hand in marriage, Jacob feels he must prove his worth to local ranchers--and himself. He's determined to expose a ring of cattle thieves, then fight in a war for Cuba's freedom. His plans, however, are sabotaged by Hallie's impatient though well-meaning father, whose own attempt at revealing the rustlers leaves Jacob wounded and unable to fulfill his duty--for the community or for his country.

Hallie is torn between appeasing her hot-tempered father and realizing her love for Jacob. Somehow, she must help her father face his own demons--and help herself sort out her feelings for Jacob.

Can faith in God mend all wounds...and even allow for romance?


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