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The Choice: Will's Last Testament

By Brenda C. Poulos


Will Hayes is a nice guy. A good husband. A devoted father. He volunteers in his community. He’s never had so much as a parking ticket. But, counter to the plans he and his wife, Brigit, had made for their lives, things take a turn for the worse. One obstacle after another block their path to happiness. When Will faces the biggest setback of his life, his daughter’s questions surrounding death prompt him to take a hard look at both his past and his future. Will he choose to continue on his path, with only himself to answer to, or will he choose to surrender his future to the one he turned his back on at his own father’s deathbed…when he’d prayed for healing that hadn’t come?

Book Takeaway:

God gives everyone the freedom of choice. Man's eternal destiny is based upon the standard of truth--God's Word.

Why the author wrote this book:

I had read Heaven Is for Real and other similar books about near-death experiences. God impressed it upon me to tell the story of the reality of Hell and The Choice he gives to every man.


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