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A Powerful Voice

By Penelope Powell


Gloria Fielder is trying her best to live with sincere faith, but regret for a past decision makes it difficult to live with herself. Justin Case knows first-hand the consequences of bad choices, but he doesn't believe in burying past mistakes. He openly shares his testimony with the purpose of showing there is hope and freedom for those who come to Christ. Justin is the new worship leader for the church service Gloria attends, and he also leads a new Bible study she knows will help her. To complicate matters, once Justin becomes aware of Gloria's struggle, he seems intent on drawing her out of her self-imposed shell of guilt and regret. If she trusts him with her secret and her heart, will their friendship evolve into something more, or will it simply be her undoing?

Book Takeaway:

Finding hope, forgiveness and freedom in Christ, regardless of your past.

Why the author wrote this book:

To encourage women who have either chosen abortion or know someone who did yet continue to live with guilt though Christ has forgiven them. My hope is they find healing and the power to minister to others with a strong voice for the power of Christ and his redemption.


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