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Sinned, Sealed, and Delivered (Logan Creek Series) (Volume 1)

By Jeanie Pinkston


Jimmy Lee Starnes is attracted to trouble just like lint to a belly button, almost everyone in the small community of Logan Creek, Texas, would agree. Though Jimmy is trying to go straight, jobs are scarce, and his discouragement level is climbing. To make matters worse, his old pickup finally bites the dust miles from home. One bad decision after another multiplies his trouble and jeopardizes everyone in his path-- just ask Mabel Barton, Meg Patterson, or his ex-wife, Pam. After Mabel is car-jacked, Meg is kidnapped, and Pam is forced to go with Jimmy on the lam, things get even further out of hand. Sheriff Sonny Thomas and his deputy, Dewey West, must track him down before Jimmy’s crimes escalate further and leave someone dead. Though Meg Patterson is trying to return to Logan Creek for all the right reasons, she is unfortunate enough to encounter Jimmy as he is trying to leave for all the wrong reasons. Just as she thinks her life is about to come together, it spirals out of her control. Can she possibly seek God’s help now—after renouncing her faith and running from Him for five years? How will Meg’s determination to be reunited with her Logan Creek family affect Jimmy’s desperation to get away?

Book Takeaway:

God never abandons His children even when we stray, and when we call upon Him, he hears.

Why the author wrote this book:

I want to use the gifts God has given me and, as a reader, had difficulty finding good, clean, Christian fiction that interested me.


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