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Bayou Justice

By Robin Caroll


A body in the bayou. Alligator conservationist Coco LeBlanc knew real fear when she found a body in the clutches of her beloved beasts. Fear turned to horror when she saw that it was one of the Trahan clan and he'd been shot in the back. Her ex-boyfriend, Luc Trahan, had dumped Coco two years ago when she refused to give up her family's centuries-old voodoo traditions, and he didn't know about her newfound faith. Now, as they and their families become prime suspects in the grisly crime, they'll have to work together to clear their names before the Cajun killer strikes again.

Book Takeaway:

Love can conquer all, especially the love of our Heavenly Father


Year Title Description
2008 Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award Nominee
2008 Book of the Year 2nd place, Debut Author

Why the author wrote this book:

As a born and raised Louisianan, the bayou feels like home to me. I wanted to portray the setting realistically, with all its mystique of Cajun country--including voodoo.


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