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Love's Christmas Past

By Susan M. Baganz, Rachel A. James, Jewell Tweedt


Fragile Blessings by Susan M. Baganz In the late 1800’s, Grant and Lily have established their farm amongst the bluffs of western Wisconsin. As they anticipate the birth of their first child, tragedy strikes. With shaken faith and grief driving a wedge between them, is it possible for three orphans to heal Grant and Lily’s heart and relationship? Christmas Bells by Jewell Tweedt Vivacious frontier widow Connie Rose Simonson manages two cafés while dreaming of the perfect Christmas for her son Andrew. Dr. James Connor heals others while forsaking his own needs. The town’s only doctor, an influenza outbreak, and the holiday season leave him exhausted and discouraged. It looks like another lonely holiday for the Connor and the Simonsons until Andrew is injured and the doctor becomes entranced by the attractive widow. But James has been hurt before and hesitates to get involved. It’s up to angelic newcomer Diana to bring them together creating new beginnings, new memories, and to hear christmas bells ringing. A Medieval Christmas by Rachel A. James Lady Nola is a woman of good-standing, but one tragic mistake is set to change her life forever. Rather than be forced to wed a stranger to hide her transgressions, she flees from home. With child, hungry and homeless, Nola wanders the streets of medieval London in search of a Christmas miracle.


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